The Greatest Festival in Islam

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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The Greatest Festivals In Islam

In Islam, celebration is a form of thanking Allah, the One True God. Celebration, in Islam, is merry-making, going out to parties, visiting and meeting friends and relatives and having clean fun, and also a form of physical and spiritual purification. Islamic celebrations include taking a bath, putting on clean or new clothes, wearing perfume and going to the mosque or a place of congregation for Salat, a form of prescribed prayers. The dates and days of celebration are set according to the Islamic calendar. Three of the greatest festivals in Islam are Eidul Fitri, Eidul Adha and Al-Hijra.

One of the greatest festival in Islam is Eidul Fitri, which is one of the most meaningful events for Muslims all over the world. It is celebrate every year in the month of Syawal in Islamic year. It is also known as ‘Lebaran’ or ‘Hari Raya Aidilfitri’ - the day where we seek for forgiveness physically and spiritually. This is the celebration of fast-breaking. Before we celebrate the Eidul Fitri, the Muslims must fast for a month in Ramadan. Muslims watch the western horizon immediately after sunset on the 29th day of Ramadan for the crescent. If the crescent is sighted, it is the first day of the new month and beginning of 'Eid day. If the crescent is not sighted within ½ an hour after sunset on the 29th day of Ramadan the Muslims complete 30 days of fasting. Either way, the 1st of Shawwal, the 10th month of the Islamic lunar calendar is 'Eid al-Fitr. On 'Eid day, Muslims gather in a larger facility than the neighborhood masjid and join in Salat al-'Eid which is composed of Salat followed by an address by the Imam (leader). This is a major holiday for the Muslims. On this day, they visit many relatives and friends and give gifts to the children. 'Eid is, first, a day of thanks to Allah, and next, a gathering of families and friends. All financially able Muslims are required to give Sadaqat al-Fitr, a form of charity, on behalf of each...
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