The Greatest Battle You Will Ever Face Is the Battle to Be Yourself

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The Greatest Battle You Will Ever Face is the Battle to be Yourself

Finding the person you really are is a life-long journey. The people you hang out with, your family, what you listen to and what you watch on television all affect the person you become. My Biology teacher once told me “Everyone is born a scientist. You do experiments to figure out what is right or wrong, and you learn from them.” When you are growing up you teach yourself things like how to talk and walk. You never get it right the first time, it always takes a practice and a few tries to finally get it right. But once you master the skill you move on to learn something new. Failure, I believe, is a very important way for people to figure out who they really are. Growing up, going through elementary, middle and high school you encounter many types of people and different situations. This is where I think most of the battle to be you takes place. That first day of school when you walk into a classroom full of other students, I always think the first thing they are going to do is judge me, at least that is the first thing I do when I see or meet new people. Although people say it’s wrong to judge someone, we all do it and as humans we make mistakes. You want to make a good first impression so you experiment with clothes, hairstyles and anything else to see what makes your peers want to be your friend. Once you find the style that fits you, you generally start to hang out with those kids that have the same style and attitude. This is when you begin to figure out how you act around different people and how you treat others. Those people you hang out with greatly affect the things you say, what you watch and listen to and sometimes the way you treat others. There are many groups of people in school: the jocks, the nerds, the gothics, the religious people, ect. If you take the chance and become a part of one of these cliques, the challenge of finding who you are is tested. You...
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