The Great War

Topics: Government, Meaning of life, Yellow Pages: 3 (649 words) Published: April 21, 2014
Samantha Milligan
Mr. Robinson
English IV
23 April 2014
Brave New World
My utopian society is name Wonder World is a perfect utopian society because everyone has a right to explore and learn different things in the world. The type of government that the Wonder World has is a democracy. A democracy is a perfect government for the Wonder World because the citizens’ rights are not taken away from the government and the government is not too strong to become a dictatorship. In the Wonder World there is no class system because everyone is equal and desire the right to learn and live a well life.

The citizens of Wonder World learn and work so there is no unemployment. Many of the jobs and schools are model after the current society. The types of housing the citizens of Wonder World live in are environmental friendly that include solar panels that prevent energy. Next, recycle so that plastic, glass, and paper will not threaten animals and humans health. Then, grass roof so humans and animals can have clean water. Citizens who try to damage the housing or the environmental will be punish The punishment will be volunteer work for a whole year to pick up trash, waste, and fix housing repairs for seven days a week. The Wonder World’s flag is a moon and stars in the night sky. Also, the flag has a book with a ink holder with a pen inside. The flag has a quote that say “ curiosity strikes the imagination”. Next, the symbol of the moon and stars in the dark sky means the sky's  the limit so you can dream big as much you want to. They symbol of the book with the ink holder with a pen inside means all unique ideas start with a bank page with a pen in your hand. The colors in the flag are blue, yellow, gray, and brown. The meaning of the color blue is trust and peace. The meaning of the color brown is serious and down to earth. The meaning of the color yellow is joy, happiness, and energy. The meaning of the color gray is calmness.

The mascot of Wonder World is a...
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