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he Great Pyramids of Giza have had a great mystery surrounding them since we first discovered them after the Egyptians had long been gone from there. People have theorized how the great pyramids were built. Some have suggested that they must have been constructed by extraterrestrials, while others believe the Egyptians possessed a technology that has been lost through the ages. Most likely lost in the Library of Alexandria along with the rest of histories greatest secrets including how they get the caramel in the Caramilk bars. Since there is no hard evidence suggesting that extraterrestrial beings do exist we have to presume that humans even in one of the earliest stages of life built these monumental structures using nothing but some mad made tools and elbow grease. The Egyptian people used a step system to build the pyramids. Jean-Pierre Houdin an Egyptologist believes workers used an outer ramp to build the first 43 metres (47 yards) then constructed an inner ramp to carry stones to the apex of the 137m pyramid1.

Mr. Houdin’s inner ramp system diagram
This theory is more logical than the other ramp theories because it is the most cost effective and uses up the least space. Mr. Houdin said the pyramids could have been built by 4,000 people using his technique instead of 100,000, as postulated by other theorists2. This is because it takes up much less space than one large ramp wrapping all around the edges, or going straight up to one side.

Large ramp theory, takes up a lot of space
There has been little evidence found around these structures indicating that there was any reminisce of a ramp. You would think a structure so large would leave some sort of evidence behind from their clean up. In many old cities or towns all throughout this planet we still see evidence of structures once being there even when Mother Nature has being taking it back for years.

Foundations of a small town in Israel
Never underestimate the ingenuity of man. We are today so...
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