The Great Pyramid

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Secret of the Pyramids

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The Great Pyramid of Giza

The precise design and construction of The Great Pyramid of Giza also known as The Great Pyramid of Khufu remains a mystery. The first wonder of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Great Pyramid is the largest pyramid of its kind in the world, standing 481 feet in height. Throughout the years there have been many different theories of how this pyramid was built.

Archeologist John Romer claims that he has cracked one of the pyramids secrets. The secret being, “The plan of the pyramid is the pyramid itself.” Romer believes the Ancient Egyptians used the ground of the Giza Plateau on the side of the pyramid to map out a life size plan of the pyramid to get its exact measurements. Survey marks on the Giza Plateau is what Romer is relying on to support his discovery. When they survey markers were measured it created a perfect pyramid reflection on which is believed to be the plan on what the pyramid is built by. It is believed the preciseness of the pyramid was done “with a plumb bob (a string with a weight on the end of it), the naked eye” and the stars. The location of the pyramid seemed to be taken into consideration during the design phase as well according to the National Geographic website “and priests-astronomers helped choose the pyramids' sites and orientations, so that they would be on the appropriate axis in relation to sacred constellations.” ( (

Theories that have been explored by different Archeologists and Egyptologists; there was a ramp all around the pyramid, slaves built the pyramid, a theory that kites could have lifted the 2-ton stones and more recently the pyramid was built from the inside out, according to French Archeologist Jean Pierre Houdin. “This is completely new. Everyone [before] me thought that the pyramid was built from the outside, only the...
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