The Great Persuaders, Hitler

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazism, Great Depression Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Julio Rios
English 111
Professor Means
9 September 2012

Adolf Hitler
Ranked at number 3 in Time Magazine’s “Top 15 Toppled Dictators”, Adolf Hitler left a tremendous scar in the history of human kind. Six million Jews died due to one mans wrath of evil. The dominant look on his face during one of his speeches said it all. How does one man’s persuasiveness tone drive a nation to ruins? How does one man start a global conflict? Craving power and dominance, Hitler succeeded in persuading an entire nation to bow down to him, and hail him as their leader.

Adolf Hitler was born in Austria, April 20th 1889; in the small town of Braunau am Inn, Son of Alois Hitler and Klara Hitler. Hitler had a rough life before coming to infamy. He fought in World War 1 for Germany. By 1929, the great depression had begun in Germany, having a great impact on the German population. As the nations unemployment grew, so did the Nazi movement. Allowing Hitler to run for president in 1932. Hitler’s strict posture helped him get his message across. The reason why Hitler was able to persuade the population is because he had the right timing. With a desperate population, Hitler had all the advantages.

Hitler was a very Charismatic leader. He showed strength in his posture, and in his personality. One thing that helped Hitler persuade the population was the strong confidence he had in his nation. Adolf showed tremendous amount of aggression in his speeches, being able to control the nation. With his tone of voice, you couldn’t do anything but listen up. He spoke with so much force that filled his speech with great excitement; he connected with his followers in a way that made them share the same emotions. Speaking with terrific focus, He managed to make his followers greet him with a hand gesture.

Hitler’s great persuasive skills got him to the top. Being in full control of Germany by March 33rd, 1933. Overall, Adolf was a very intellect person with a...
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