The Great Outdoors

Topics: Deer, Climbing, PASS Pages: 3 (958 words) Published: October 25, 2011
The Great Outdoors
Through my own experience as an avid outdoorsman, I find that Nature has many enjoyable activities to offer. Some of my friends like to go canoeing and some enjoy swimming in lakes, I find that my favorite outdoor sports are rock climbing, fly fishing and deer hunting. From the sweet smell of maple sap to all the little chirps, whistles and squeaks, I find myself completely relaxed when I am outside. It seems too often that the daily hustle and bustle of everyday work and school can leave a person stressed. Nature has a natural way of gently stimulating all of our senses and gives us something new to experience every day.

Not only is hunting an exhilarating experience but so is the feeling of being surrounded by wilderness. During winter times since I was 12 years old, my father would take me out on long drives in the middle of winter to hunting sites just outside of Edmonton. What made the drive not seem so long was the scenic route we would always take. Every once in a while I would see little white rabbits hopping around and leaving miniature footprints all in the snow next to the road. Further down the road we would pass a fairly big hill that had two pine trees at the top of it. I always wondered how long they had been there considering the fact that they were over thirty feet high. Finally we would get to the hunting ground and make are way down to a little patch of brush where we would crouch and wait for the deer to pass by. The feeling of the cold snow crunching under my boots, the frost covered branches of the bush we were nestled under, and all the little footprints that surrounded us gave me a feeling of unity with nature. After hiding in our spots for a long while, usually until my feet and toes were completely frozen it seemed, my father would whisper “Here comes one right now”. A few moments later I’d hear a loud bang and we’d be back on the road with our trophy and bragging rights. We have carried on this tradition every...
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