The Great Nefertiti

Topics: Akhenaten, Ancient Egypt, Monotheism Pages: 4 (1580 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Queen Nefertiti, the most powerful woman in Egypt since the Pharaoh Hatshepsut 100 years earlier. She was as influential as she was beautiful, being a partner in power with her king and husband, Akhenaten. Together, the couple co-reigned over Egypt attempting to completely transform Egyptian religion.

Though little is known about Nefertiti’s early life, it is believed that she was born around 1390 B.C.E. in the royal city of Thebes. Some say she is of Egyptian blood while others believed her to be a foreign princess. The name Nefertiti means, “the beautiful woman has come,” and is of Egyptian origin. Evidence suggests that Nefertiti had an Egyptian wet-nurse or governess of noble rank, which is strong support for the belief that she was born within the circle of the Egyptian royal court. Nefertiti’s father, Ay, worked as a scribe and keeper of King Amenhotep III’s records, eventually being promoted to chief minister and chief architect and even going on to become pharaoh for a brief period after King Tut. It is unclear as to who Nefertiti’s biological mother was. Some historians believe that Ay’s chief wife Tey was Nefertiti’s biological mother while others claim Tey simply raised young Nefertiti. It was through her father’s work that Nefertiti was able to become friendly with the king’s oldest son, Amenhotep IV. ( By the age of eleven, it was already clear that Nefertiti would one day be Queen, due to the strong affection the young Amenhotep showed for her. Amenhotep IV scaled the throne at age sixteen, due to his father’s death. He then married Nefertiti, then fifteen, thus, allowing her to become Queen Nefertiti. The new king showed little interest in the affairs of the state, warfare, etc. His main focus was primarily theological. In fact, the new king became a religious reformer, replacing Amun-Ra, the supreme god of all Egyptian gods, with a new supreme and eventually sole god...
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