The Great Military Leader

Topics: United States, President of the United States, Continental Army Pages: 2 (506 words) Published: July 30, 2008
When one looks at a dollar bill they see the face of our very first president. They see the face of a man who drafted our constitution. They see the face of a man known as the father of our country. But do they always see the face of a great military leader? Washington’s fame started before he was president; as a matter of fact, he became president due to his notoriety from his leadership as General to the Continental Army. Washington was elected as general due to his selflessness and his strong commitment to colonial freedom. He always stressed unity among each state, for without one involved they were lacking dearly. He was a man of great wisdom and patriotism. He overall was what our country needed to become its own. If I were given the privilege to meet any great military leader it would have to be George Washington. As he led his troops through battles for over six years, he received so much fame and trust from the citizens of our country. With all the power he was given, he could have easily made our country a dictatorship. Instead he fought for the democratic government that we have today. He is what brought our country to be what it is. We are the United States of America, not just the States of America. We are united because of Washington’s passion and drive. I admire George Washington for his selfless attitude, for this trait is rarely found in leaders of this stature. I believe it to be the most valuable and influential. As a matter of fact, Washington is ranked one of the most influential military leaders of all time. Although other military leaders may have accomplished more directly on the battle field, none left a legacy of influence like he did. He simultaneously maintained an army in the field against a superior force, kept a discordant congress and population satisfied, and solicited military support from other countries. His influence is so great that he still holds the title of one of the most influential military leaders ever. Unity is...
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