The Great Leveling

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Kenneth Nierman
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Kenneth A. Nierman (born 1954)(1)(2) is Founder and President of the Center for Bankruptcy Planning, and Principal of Adversity Financial Planners. His work to pioneer Financial Planning for Bankruptcy, is unparalleled.

Mr. Nierman has been honored for his innovative work in advancing educational and entertaining economic concepts. One of his first economic papers was a discussion of a coming “Great Leveling” of the world economies. His first theorem on this discussion was available in 1987(doc). The Great Leveling was among the earliest neo-economic discussions about the effect s of improved technology in communication, creating a near-perfect, almost instantaneous, flow of information. It was a major factor in the breakup of the Soviet Union, and the early awareness of dictator oppression of their citizens.

His theorem expressed that as information flow became instantaneous, that economies of third world countries would benefit tremendously at the permanent and unrecoverable loss of the economic world powers. This would not mean that third world economies would become equally as rich as the world leaders it would simply mean that the incremental increase in the existing standard of living would seem exponential and people in those countries would feel substantially wealthier. It would also mean that the great world economic powers would experience a loss of current standards of living. A decrease so much so that the people in those countries would experience economic and emotional pain beyond anything they had previously experienced.

The Great Leveling would create a permanent shift in a majority of the world economies. World economic leaders would experience subtle or sharp, extended or immediate, decreases in citizen standards of living. The economic pain experienced would be permanent and would take years for the citizens to realize the new normal of a decreased lifestyle....
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