The Great Influnces to Put Pressure on Students

Topics: High school, Education, College Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: January 30, 2013
The majority of the students are trying to get good grades especially when they graduate from the school. That it helps them to get suitable opportunities in universities and jobs. Therefore, it is a good to make pressure on students to get high certificates. The great influences to put pressure on students to get good results at school are parents, school and community.

There are strong incentives parents to put pressure on their children to get good marks at school. Since the children are entered the school, the parents start to follow and help their children, and they do not allowed to their children to fall behind. They are very careful to organize their children lives. They for example, put a daily schedule for their children where the time dedicated to the studying and time for enjoying due becoming successful in school. The parents love to see their child achieve accomplish over other, and they do not like to see their children fail. In fact, when the parents have a higher education, they will put exert pressure on the students in order to receive the same level of education or upper. They do not accept less than that for the students. Normally, the parents have great impact on their children to get a good grade.

Not only the pressure on students to achieve good grades by parents, but also by school itself is pressing students to get higher efficiency. The school always seeks to provide students with as much information as possible. It requires students to performance a great number of homework, to understand and to retrieve information during exams. Because that they helps students to get a high GPA and to be accept in university, especially when they graduate from secondary schools. In addition, there is some pressure inside the school from the teachers to the students to get more excellence. The teacher encourages students to frequent read, and they tell them about high calibrator that students need in the university and...
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