The Great Gatsby Text Transformation

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  • Published : May 8, 2012
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In this part of my coursework, I had to transform a chosen part of 'The Great Gatsby', instead of chosing a particular piece of text I decided to go for the theme of love, happening between Gatsby and Daisy.

Fitzgerald's style might be called imagistic. His language is full of images--concrete verbal pictures appealing to the senses. There is water imagery in descriptions of the rain, Long Island Sound, and the swimming pool. I have also decided to keep the descriptive language: 'If I could take with me one image to the next world, one memory, it would be her, when she is standing with a window in the background, at six o'clock in the morning, dressed only in the beams of rising sun.' This helps to see the beauty of all the feelings, Gatsby has for Daisy: love, lust.

Fitzgerald is also ver reflective, There are several important passages at which Nick stops and reflects on the meaning of the action, almost interpreting the events. This helps us to understand the meaning, behind the events he has witnessed. My character also has a very reflective nature, he analyzes the events throughly, which shows us how manipulative Daisy in fact is, ' She was like a mice trap. And the trap doesn't run around behind her victim. It's tempting with cheese and waiting. '

The time everything is happening in, however, differs. The character in my story, is remembering everything that happened in the past, rather then reporting the events as they're happening, just as Nick does in the Great Gatsby. This lets him to have more time to think it through rationally, it helps him notice, Daisy is in fact a monster and the person he fell in love with, isn't there any more. 'That real Daisy is already gone. (...) I don't have anything to look for. I will never find her.'

The material included in the novel is highly selective. Fitzgerald creates a series of scenes - most of them parties - but does not tell us much about what happens between these scenes. He doesn't tell us about...
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