The Great Gatsby: Techniques Used by Fitzgerald

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  • Published : December 2, 2010
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The Great Gatsby

The author of the masterpiece “The Great Gatsby”, was indeed F. Scott Fitzgerald. The Great Gatsby is written sophisticatedly, using intelligent and even poetic phrases. Foreshadowing and symbols are utilized subtly and figurative language is used skillfully throughout the entire novel. He creates a character who becomes great. He begins life as just an ordinary, lower-class, citizen. But Gatsby has a dream of becoming wealthy. After meeting Daisy, he has a reason to strive to become prominent. Throughout his life, Gatsby gains the title of truly being great.

This novel is important because its novel about what happened to the American dream in the 1920s, a period when the old values that gave substance to the dream had been corrupted by the vulgar pursuit of wealth. The characters are Midwesterners who have come East in pursuit of this new dream of money, fame, success, glamour, and excitement. Tom and Daisy must have a huge house, a stable of polo ponies, and friends in Europe. Gatsby must have his enormous mansion before he can feel confident enough to try to win Daisy.

There is definite imagery that you see throughout this book, images of time, extravagant parties, the quest for wealth, Some images might more properly be called symbols for the way they point beyond themselves to historic or mythic truths: the green light at the end of Daisy's dock, for instance, or Dr. Eckleburg's eyes, or Dan Cody's yacht. Through the symbolic use of images, Fitzgerald transforms what is on the surface a realistic social novel of the 1920s in to a myth about America.

Fitzgerald uses figurative language throughout this essay, he uses the language to emphasize the predominant themes of his work. One passage in particular stands out as one that touches each of Fitzgerald’s main ideas. It takes place in chapter three after the carefree glamour and happiness of Gatsby’s party has evanesced, when the partygoers are brought back to “sober reality”....
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