The Great Gatsby - Reasons to Become Rich

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  • Published: February 10, 2013
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The Great Gatsby-
Gatsby´s Reasons to Become Rich



IIWealth and Power – Jay Gatsby


The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a story about wealth, power, love, intrigues and crime, showing the lives of a group of people, all members of the social upper class. One of the stories main themes is wealth and power. This topic concerns all the characters in the book but especially interesting is the relationship which the main character has to wealth and power – Jay Gatsby. He is rich, socially accepted and powerful, but for very different reasons. In this paper I will try to point out his motivations for getting wealthy as well as his relation to money and the social upper class. As Jay Gatsby is the main character of the story this paper should firstly give an insight into his reasons to work so hard and to build up his enormous fortune. And secondly it will look at Daisy´s influence on his relation to money, his reasons for his lifestyle.

The story of The Great Gatsby is set in the early 1920s just after the end of World War I in New York and Long Island. Two of the main characters in the story, James Gatz alias Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, live separated from each other in two different areas of Long Island called „West Egg“ and „East Egg“. As we get to know right in the beginning, the „East Egg“ is the more fashionable of the two areas, where the social elite of the time then lived. The physical separation between the upper class and the absolute social elite functions as a statement, representing the fact that even if you have everything there still will always be something you long for.

IIWealth and Power – Jay Gatsby
Jay Gatsby, who was born as James Gatz, made his way from “zero to hero”. Coming from a poor and uneducated background, he worked his way up to a point where he could afford socialising with the moneyed youth. It appears that...
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