The Great Gatsby Persuasive Essay

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  • Published : September 26, 2011
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The Great Gatsby Persuasive Essay

I do agree with the statement that the critic published about the comparison of Nick and Gatsby. The comparison was desciptive and quite accurate. Nick appeared to be very distant while Gatsby was more of a dreamer. Nick also acted like he would never be happy and Gatsby seemed unsatisifed with his life. Gatsby was very unrealistic and Nick was very down to earth.

Nick was described as a curious person but his curiousity stayed at a distance. When Gatsby invited him to his party, Nick stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the other guests. He wasn't out going and he didn't talk to anybody he didn't know. When he went with Tom and met Myrtle for the first time, he observered more than anything. But by observing Nick can also then learn who the people around him are. Gatsby is a not a very interested person. He throws extravagant parties but doesn't care to know any of his guests. When Nick first saw Gatsby, he was looking at the green light across the lake, much like a child would look at a toy they can't have.

When Nick first met Jordan, he was obviously attracted to her. She was a very beautiful and seductive and that was appealing to Nick. Their relationship did step up but even when they kissed, Nick didn't seem happy. He acted like it was a nonchalant action. Gatsby was unhappy with his life as a boy and so he changed it but even with all the money he received, he acted like it was nothing. He seemed hungry for something yet nothing he ate could fill him up. In a way, he seemed a bit ungrateful.

Gatsby spent his whole life chasing a dream. He kept this idea in his head, that him and Daisy would pick up where they left off five years ago. He didn't think that maybe Daisy didn't stay in love with him like he did her. Nick accepts things for what they are. Its like nothing ceases to amaze him, but when something drastic happens he acts shocked. Nick doesn't hold on to the past. He lives day to day and doesn't...
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