The Great Gatsby Cover Analysis

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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Madison Norton
English 4H
21 December 2012
The Great Gatsby Cover Analysis
The front cover of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald can be interpreted in various ways, differing in perspective and reflections. The interpretation of the cover of this novel can ultimately differ between every person, depending on their understanding of the text and their imagination. Using color symbolism, image relation, and a comprehension of the painting used for the cover, one can form the interpretation that the cover is focused mainly on Daisy and Gatsby’s relationship throughout the novel.

Using color symbolism, we can conclude that the front cover of The Great Gatsby is based on the relationship between Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby, who recently just reunited after 5 years. By looking at the actual title on the cover, it can be concluded that the yellow text of the title could represent joy, idealism, and deceit. Joy and idealism can be determined from the yellow because all of Gatsby’s parties are filled with joy and excitement, and Gatsby’s entire lifestyle is very idealistic and he always strives for perfection. The yellow of the text could also represent deceit, which is a very prominent characteristic of all the characters in this novel. In addition, it can also be concluded that the red lips on the cover could symbolize the energy and aggression present in The Great Gatsby. This red could exhibit the energy of all of Gatsby’s parties and everything hectic that goes on during Daisy and Gatsby’s reunion, such as the bell clock incident, as well as the aggression that Tom Buchanan and Gatsby have for each other, after Tom suspects that Daisy is falling for Gatsby again. By relating certain images from the cover to the plot, character, and symbols in The Great Gatsby, it can be assumed that the amusement park portrayed on the cover represents Gatsby and his elaborate and over-the-top lifestyle. This amusement park could also symbolize the constant...
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