The Great Gatsby Comparison

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  • Published : March 31, 2011
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The Great Gatsby Comparison

No matter the book or movie, no matter the version, I have always sided more on the detail descriptive side of the media. To me I would rather understand and visualize what exact setting plot and detail of every object in the story. As you can see I would choose a book over a movie, now if I was looking for entertainment I would most definitely choose a movie. Both very different ways of expressing media yet I can jump to either side depending on the story or novel. In the novel the great Gatsby written in the 1920s by Fitzgerald I had found that reading the book numerous times gave me more and more detail that I had been skimming over or not recollecting the text. I found that there were a lot of different scenes and details that I had been missing, I figure that repetition builds memory and understanding. I started to notice how in the movie they didn’t leave that much description and detail in plain sight but underneath the story, to understand you would have to really pay attention to the movie, almost everything you see in every scene has deeper meaning and metaphors. I think that I the novel there are heroes and villains, without the powers of course but more like good guys and bad guys. I think the novels number one hero was obviously nick caraway, he throughout the book is concerning, gentle, conscious and rational and seems to always look for the best interest for everyone. Also Gatsby and another hero, literally hero from war to the party he through he wasn’t social but also had his best concern on the tasks ahead and how he could achieve any of it. When it comes to villains I really only think of two characters, Tom and Mr. Wilson. Within the movie tom is always on the iffy sketchy side and your always suspicious of his actions and his thoughts. He is very violent and progresses to destruct the story from the second you are introduced to him. Mr. Wilson at first is a kind caring and gentle soul, once he finds out about...
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