The Great Gatsby

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  • Published : April 22, 2012
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In the novel The Great Gatsby, written by F. Scott Fitzgerald he explains to the reader in a distinctive way who Jay Gatsby is. This new man who is secretly in love with Daisy and has lots of new money, is living in West Egg., this mysterious character is revealed to us by the narrator Nick Caraway. Rumours and facts are revealed to us in the first five chapters.

At the beginning of the novel, Jay Gatsby is described to us as a mysterious man who is really shy; we also know nothing about him. He purchases a mansion in West Egg. He through lots of parties to gain social status and to gain access to Daisy. Rumours help distinguish this character a lot. The rumours that you read come to you as being true. However the reality is that it isn’t. “One time he killed a man who had found out it was nephew to Von Hidenburg.” Von Hidenburg was a German field marshal in WW1. He also appointed Adolf Hitler Canceler. Jay Gatsby was a Solider in WW1. This rumour make you think that he is courageous hero who killed a close family member of a German Hero. As a reader we think that these rumours are not completely true that they are over exaggerated. Perhaps the truth that jay Gatsby did kill a German but maybe just a German Officer or General.

Further on in the book in Chapter 4 Gatsby reveals to Nick a lot of information about his life. “I took the remains of my machine gun battalion so far forward… We stayed there for two nights and two days… and when the infantry came (Allie Forces) up the found the insignia of three German diversions among the pile of the dead.” How could one non-complete battalion take out three other battalions and live to tell the tale? Nick makes us think this Gatsby is being completely truthful or is slightly over exaggerating his story. But before Nick completely names his as untruthful then Jay Gatsby brings out a large amount of evidence to back up his heroism. “Major jay Gatsby, I read. Then it is all true.”

Jay Gatsby enters the novel as a...
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