The Great Gatsby

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  • Published : February 24, 2012
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Part I: The Great Gatsby: Characterization and American Morals Character |Behavior |Consequences |
Jay Gatsby |1) He loved Daisy uncontrollably. He dismissed all of Daisy's flaws and molded her into his idea of perfection. 2) He was obsessed with aquiring money. |1) He went to great lengths to make Daisy his. His obsession took over and ended up claiming Gatsby's life in the end.2) He did anything in his power to aquire money. He dismissed any moral code or social rule for the sake of money. He took part in a black market and aquired money illegally. | Daisy Buchanan |1) A beautiful, unloyal, hollow, and self-centered being. She cares for hardly anything and is uneasily entertained.2) Counters Jay's optimistic ways and often puts him down.|1) Her hollow ways and lack of attachment rarely led to disappointment. However, she missed out on finding happiness in the little things life gave her and was only content with materialistic things. 2) She failed to accept Jay's loving ways and find happiness in his love.| Tom Buchanan |1) He has no conscience.2) He is sexist, hypocritical, arrogant, and selfish.3)He cheats on Daisy.|1) His absence of conscience leads to minimal consequences since their is no attachment or disappointments, just like Daisy.2) His unadmirable qualities make him an extremely unlikable person.3) This leads to Daisy moving on to find bigger and better things.| Jordan Baker |1) Jordan is self-centered, a liar, and hollow, just like her friend Daisy. 2) Jordan begins a little fling with another man.|1) Just like Tom and Daisy, she fails to enjoy the little things. It is difficult for her to be satisfied and find happiness.2) Nick leaves Jordan forever.| Myrtle Wilson |1) Myrtle strives to better her life. |1) She will do anything to improve her life, even if it is immoral. She even becomes a rich man's mistress.| George Wilson |1) George lacks motivation to improve his life.2) George's knowledge of his wife's infedilty makes him incredibly angry...
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