The Great Gatsby

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  • Published : December 6, 2011
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Love is underhanded. A feeling of intimacy is wonderful but conniving, it is as perishable as the bond man has to it. For every sensation of pleasure there is the feeling of devastation that appears when it is stripped away. In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby’s dependency on the inaccessible is his demise. Gatsby is doomed from the day he left for war he left the world he loved and expected it to remain inactive in his absence, but for Daisy to remain stagnant while Gatsby progressed is just impossible; to not advance is to not to live at all, and Daisy’s carefree existence changes as easily as James Gatz turns into Jay Gatsby. Gatsby’s entire fortune, and his entire life, really, is built upon the hope that someday he might rekindle his old love with Daisy. Gatsby is a man full of hope, love, passion, and raw emotion; however, above all of this he is a man of unwavering determination. His greatest strength was his fortitude, but unfortunately for Gatsby his fortitude was blind and power by sheer amounts of pure emotion. So, for Gatsby, when it came to love, one of the strongest of mans’ feelings, he was condemned. Nick watches Gatsby in his moments of power, moments of weakness, moments of anxiety, and moments of apprehension. Consequently, Nick is the only one who fully understands Gatsby, and is not surprised by his death. Nick sees Gatsby’s devotion to Daisy, and Daisy’s distance from him. The entire novel their love was not meant to be, but it’s not Daisy’s fault, nor Gatsby’s. It is the adjustment of time that came between them. Time is irreversible, and Gatsby’s love was foiled by time. When he was young he never thought he was good enough for Daisy, but when he acquired everything he possibly could he sought out to satisfy the Daisy of the past. What the couple could not comprehend was that five years had passed, and Daisy had married. She had progressed, and even though she was unhappy in her new marriage she was a different...
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