The Great Gatsby

Topics: Mind, The Great Gatsby, Psychology Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: April 8, 2011
How does Nick perceive Gatsby?
* Nick perceives Gatsby as a great individual (He sees all that Gatsby has accomplished and creates this big image of him in his mind.) When Nick learns all of Gatsby’s accomplishments, he still believes that Gatsby deserves the title “The Great Gatsby”. Nick finally sees that money cannot buy happiness and believes that Gatsby deserves the title because of the confidence he has, hope for the future and charm. * Nick likes Gatsby as he admires all of the luxuries and wealth that Gatsby has gained. Nick originally thinks of him as a grand man due to how much money he has, the parties that he throws, what he has accomplished and Gatsby’s ability to make what he desires to become a reality. * Within the novel, if Nick was not the narrator then the reader would perceive Gatsby as a negative character trying to disrupt an old lover’s marriage. Whereas, seeing Gatsby through Nick’s narrative makes the reader sympathize with Gatsby and his unattainable dream. * Nick takes a liking to Gatsby, in that he starts an easy conversation with him at one of Gatsby’s parties. However, he is not able to realize that it is Gatsby he is talking too. This suggests that Gatsby does not come across as grand, important or dignified, which shows that Nick did not suspect that the modest man he talked to could be the host of such a lavish party or be the owner of the mansion next door to him. Therefore Nick does not initially perceive Gatsby as “great”.
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