The great gatsby

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  • Published: August 29, 2008
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The focus of this text is to inform Princeton review readers about the text "The Great Gatsby" (F. Scott Fitzgerald's, 1926) and discuss representation in the context of the novel. This is a worthy topic of understanding and discussion because the book stereotypes rich people as being racist, sexist and indifferent towards the poor in the 1920's. In order to prove this point there will be an explanation of how rich people in the novel are obscenely chauvinistic and careless. Then evidence will be provided of what middle class people think of rich people. There will also be a brief investigation on the background of Francis Scott Fitzgerald's life.

"Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, on September 24 1896" (Bruccoli, M, 2003). He was a catholic raised child both his parents were Catholics, "During 1911-1913 he attended the Newman School, a Catholic prep school in New Jersey" (Bruccoli, M, 2003). At this school he met a man named "Father Sigourney Fay, who encouraged his ambitions for personal distinction and achievement" (Bruccoli, M, 2003). Fitzgerald was in the Princeton class of 1917. Fitzgerald's Mother was very wealthy. She "became wealthy as a wholesale grocer in St. Paul." (Bruccoli, M, 2003) He got engaged to his wife Zelda in 1919 He began to write the text The Great Gatsby in 1923. He believed this was the book that would lead him to literary acclamation. It was published in 1925 and received excellent reviews. The text became a Hollywood film and a Broadway play a year after it was published, it was not a very popular book when it was first released though, it sold less then twenty five thousand copies during Fitzgerald's lifetime. As you can see Fitzgerald was not exactly a poor man he never seemed to have problems with money. This proves he grew up in the perfect background to write the text.

Cultural backgrounds and social groups have a great effect on an individual's psyche and values throughout their life. The...
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