The Great Gatsby

Topics: Animal Farm, Soviet Union, Leon Trotsky Pages: 5 (1227 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Alexis Tripp
Mrs. McManus
C.P Senior Seminar
21 May, 2013
Allegory in Orwell’s Animal Farm
l. Introduction
A. Creative Opening.
When critic Laurence Brander states, “Essentially, Animal Farm is an anatomy of the development of the totalitarian state” (Brander 6). He is initially saying that Animal Farm is a basis of the Russian Revolution and the build up of the totalitarian ways that were formed during this time period.

B. Thesis Statement
Which is why, in Animal Farm, Orwell utilizes Allegory to express his negative views of the Russian Revolution.

C. Game Plan
This proposal will in turn be backed up by two critical points. All of Orwell’s characters in Animal farm can be categorized into one of the two points. There are the suppressors, and those who are suppressed.

`D. When understanding the work of allegory in Orwell’s Animal Farm, it is imperative to establish a better understanding of the literary term itself. According to NTC’s Dictionary of Literary Terms, allegory is, “An extended narrative in prose or verse in which characters, events, and settings represent abstract qualities and in which the writer intends a second meaning to be read beneath the surface story. The underlying meaning may be moral, religious, political, social, or satiric” (Morner 4). Throughout the novel, Orwell utilizes allegory to show an animal story, that has a very much deeper meaning. On the surface of the story, the animals are happily taking over, however, deeper into the story lies the terrifying repercussions of a developing totalitarian state.

II. Body
A. First Main Point
It is clearly evident that the suppressors are a key note example of allegory. They stand as the major leaders of the Russian Revolution.

1. Evidence
“Napoleon and Snowball, the pigs who are primarily responsible for this elaboration of ideas into doctrine, represent Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky, respectively” (Fitzpatrick 14).

a. During the Russian Revolution Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky were two major leaders, who were heavily involved in the totalitarian up rise. Orwell utilizes this literary term to emphasize the leadership and take over that took place during this period. Napoleon and Snowball respectively are in place to show the power and brainwashing that took place as well. They stand as the suppressors due to the fact that they completely took over, as well as, they used their power to manipulate those who had no power, or the suppressed.

2. Evidence
“The elite pigs who are equivalent of the party”(Woodcock 2577).

a. Throughout the novel the pigs “take over” the farm. Throughout the Russian Revolution, many communist leaders, and those of the party “took over” as well. The transformation and up rise of this power is the cause of the trouble during this time. This also pertains to Animal Farm the idea of the animals not having a leader, and being able to be independent in their work was astonishing. However, even though the animals over took the farm, the pigs and dogs still stood the same ground, if not worse then Mr. Jones.

3. Evidence
“Discipline!” the invariable cry of political gangsters who are destroying freedom and truth.” “That is the first step in the legend that Snowball is the source of all evil. The legend grows step by step with the building up of Napoleon as the leader who thought of everything and is the father of the farm”(Brander 3).

a. The build up of Napoleon was the downfall of the farm. Napoleon manipulates those around him into thinking that Snowball was the source of all evil. Like Joseph Stalin, Napoleon is notorious for undergoing plans behind everyone else’s back. For example, he raises the dogs to be his secret army, which can also be seen as the “NKVD” that Joseph Stalin administered in his reign. This build up in turn is the reasoning behind Snowballs overthrow. Behind the scenes he had...
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