The Great Gatsby

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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The Great Gatsby Society Essay

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The novel “Great Gatsby” written by F Scott Fitzgerald, dwells upon a society of unfairness in which distinguishes clearly the superior from the lower classes; the society itself, shaping an individual’s character in the novel- the idea depicted through different characters in the novel.

The idea of how society manages to shape one’s character is vividly visualized through Tom and Daisy, both playing a significant role in the novel. Implications are however, mainly on Tom- being part of the “old money” system ultimately. Therefore, Tom symbolizes all the people that belong to the traditionally moneyed class, all the inherited wealth. Thus, they are assumed to have a higher status than others, even over the “new money” population as they look down on them, for example Tom’s perspective of Gatsby is mainly hatred and distaste. It is evident of Tom’s superior wealth with his “red-white Georgian mansion” along with the lawn worthy of a “quarter of a mile”. Tom’s persona is just what’s stereotypically expected for a wealthy man- arrogant, self-confident and brutal. Therefore, Tom alone emphasize how society was everything back in the 1920’s; without it, you were not favored nor looked upon.

Jay Gatsby is the most focused character in the novel “Great Gatsby”. Although Gatsby is mentioned as a very prestigious “great” man, he is also ironically a character that is associated with low wealth. Gatsby is somewhat, the symbol of the “Twenties” as he lives the ‘American Dream’; as he persists on to be part of the upper-class, although this is done illegally. Furthermore, Gatsby believes that if he achieves what society deems to be great, he will be able to impress Daisy, perhaps the one who motivated his persistency. This suggests that society had beneficial ways as it encouraged people to...
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