The Great Gatsby

Topics: The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Love Pages: 2 (605 words) Published: April 16, 2013
The Great Gatsby Questions:

Q1. Re-read Nick’s account of Gatsby’s past. Do you think that Gatsby achieved the American Dream?

The start of this chapter begins with a inquisitive reporter turning up on Gatsby’s doorstep who is hoping to find out some truth in the rumours that will make a good story. The rumours have made Gatsby just short of being news and expanded Gatsby’s identity beyond what he could actually be. The rumours were that Gatsby gained his fortune from his rich older friend Cody who employed Gatsby after meeting him and buying him clothes. He was employed to work on his yacht and to run it when Cody was under the consumption of alcohol. Cody was a millionaire over many of times; he made all his millions in the copper business. There was a point were Gatsby recalled a women called Ella Kaye who came on to Cody’s boat one night and then the next day Cody died but, the strange thing was that Gatsby did not inherit his money, Ella Kaye inherited after his death even though she could have been the cause of his misfortune and death. I believe overall, Dan Cody was young Gatsby’s example of the American dream. However, Cody had questionable morals such as; “he brought back the savage violence of the frontier brothel and saloon.” Gatsby followed Cody’s example achieving his wealth through immoral means. Gatsby’s pursuit of the American dream eventually turned into a pursuit of wealth and his dreams of being a great man became corrupted. When Gatsby met Daisy his dream of wealth and status however, was replaced by a dream of being with her. For the older Gatsby she represents the American dream and everything that he hoped to achieve. Although, we see during this chapter at Gatsby dinner party that after Daisy leaves Gatsby keeps Nick behind to speak to him and he says, “She didn’t like it” and Nick replies, “Of course she did” followed by Gatsby saying, “She didn’t like it, She didn’t have a good time!”. This shows that Gatsby was more...
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