The Great Gatsby

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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Eulogy at the Death of Gatsby


Eulogy at the Death of Gatsby
Undeniably, the greatest mourning of a life is the one without experience and knowledge. In that sense, Gatsby’s life does not only fit in this judgment. In its place, it is ours for the fault of not knowing Gatsby and not staring further than the surface. We are all gathered as one to give our respects to a gentleman who was so much better than the world that accelerated his downfall (Sanders, 2004). Gatsby trip was not easy, given that nothing was always passed to him. It is agreeable that Gatsby worked hard for what he possessed and much harder for what he lost.

It is out of this persistence and determination that Gatsby’ exceptional attitude on life was shaped. It is now a month ago that I stood on Gatsby’ frontage neighborhood, failing to notice the bay, and we discussed the truths and rumors concerning who he actually was (Sanders, 2004). Gatsby narrated me a tale that time; a tale of a young man who was turned to a man by warfare. It was a tale of loss of ingenuousness in the chase of riches, a chase that was never justly realized. Having been brought up in a family with sisters, he learnt of dedication, determination, and hardship. What is more, he acquired an understanding of how much power acquaintance gave a human being. At the age of 17, he left his homeland in order to make a better being of himself. In order to make a good living for his family, Gatsby would go without meals and send financial aid home. Indeed, Gatsby was a unique gentleman who utilized his environs to his benefit (Sanders, 2004). All the way through his knowledge and experience, he developed a better life for himself, at the same time as remaining linked to his old life. Before starting his active responsibility, he met Daisy and fell truly, madly, and sincerely in love. Despite this, it is worth noting that it is this love that marked the end of Gatsby. From the...
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