The Great Gatsby

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Joshua Gilbert
Ms. Davis
English 2 Honors Period 1
10 December 2012

The Great Gatsby
The novel the Great Gatsby is a very well written book by F. Scott Fitzgerald and is probably the most known out of his novels. In the Great Gatsby Fitzgerald shows us that in the 20’s money was a huge part of how you are viewed by everyone. Money determined how you were viewed and how people perceived you.People felt like they could alter how people viewed them by having a lot of possessions. In the novel Jay Gatsby has to resort to Daisy’s materialistic ways and has to use his house, clothes and lavish parties to get Daisy back into his life again.

Gatsby has a wide range of clothes and has very expensive taste that even makes Daisy cry “because [she’s] never seen such beautiful shirts before” (p.92). I feel Gatsby uses his clothes to show Daisy that he is no longer poor and is quite wealthy. “[He’s] got a man in England who buys [him] clothes”, this essentially shows Daisy that he is no longer a poor boy. In the book clothes symbolize wealth, social class and money (pg.92). He flaunts his shirts when he throws them out of his closet at daisy or tries to literally shower Daisy with his shirts. While he is throwing the shirts Daisy beginning to start having regrets on marrying Tom and how she should've waited on Gatsby.

Gatsby throws his parties almost every night it is a way he tries to attract Daisy to one of his parties. Gatsby thinks because of the people, the aspects of the party and how elegant everything is that her personality would be attracted to the parties. “My eyes fell on Gatsby standing alone on the marble steps and looking from one group to another with approving eyes.” (p.50) He is looking for Daisy and thinks he can lure her to one party. When she finally comes to one of his parties she is happy at first saying “I’ve never seen so many celebrities” and “These things excite me so” (p.104 & 105). Later in the party she doesn’t like the party...
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