The Great Gatsby

Topics: The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Roaring Twenties Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: November 2, 2012
Jay Gatsby
|  idealistic and unrealistic| Gatsby's love obsession with Daisy drives him to great ends in which to earn her requited love.| Daisy Buchanan
|  Self-centered, immoral|  Perhaps Daisy did not have any consequences because she never had any real attachment to anything in her life, only instant gratification and material pursuits to ease her boredom with life.| Tom Buchanan |  hypocritical, and arrogant|  Tom does not suffer any real consequences| Jordan Baker  |  her self-centered, cynic and dishonest attributes.|  Jordan finds herself living a fast-paced and lurid lifestyle, with no prospects for finding a deeper meaning to life.| Myrtle Wilson

|  Desperate to improve her boring and poor quality of life.|  Myrtle makes the wrong choices in how to improve her situation. Through adultery| George Wilson
|  lacking motivation for improving his quality of life.|  George loses his wife's affection and loyalty as a result of his inability to excite her.|

Part II: The Great Gatsby: The American Dream 1. In your opinion, what is "The American Dream"? To live a life that not driven by need. To help someone in need. 2. According to the media, advertisements, salaries, and society in general, what is "The American Dream"? How does this compare to your definition of "The American Dream"? The American dream is having a good life and having a family with values and a good job and the life you’ve always wanted living the American dream. It compares to my definition cause its means have a good life and being successful.3.List at least five elements that make up Jay Gatsby's American Dream. (You may use the chart below to help you.) 1. Money 2. Lavish Parties

3. His love for Daisy
4. Self Made
5. Hope. 4. For each of the five elements you listed in question 3, consider what is wrong with either Gatsby's concept of the dream or the way he attempts to attain it. (You may use the chart below to help you.) The thing that is wrong...
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