The Great Gastby , a American Dream

Topics: F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby Pages: 2 (931 words) Published: January 30, 2011
The Dram Destroy
The Great Gatsby is a love story. Gatsby’s pursuit of the American Dream The Great Gastby , a Novel by Scott Fitzgerald, is about The American Dream and the down fall of those who attempt to reach it’s Impossible goals. The attempt to capture the American Dream is used in many Novels. This dream is different for each character in the novel. In The great Gatsby, for Jay Gatsby the dream is that through wealth and power, one can acquire happiness. For Jay Gatsby must reach into the past and relive and old dream; and, in order to do this, he must have wealth and power. Jay Gatsby over all American Dream is to be with Daisy but for him to be with Daisy he must have the wealth and power so that he is in the same social statues as Daisy.

Gatsby had new reasons to obtain the American Dream of wealth, and remained optimistic, believing he would win back Daisy's heart with his assets. He developed and established a relationship with Meyer Wolfshiem, a con man who helped Gatsby make millions.. After purchasing an home in West Egg, he try’s to get Daisy back into his life. What drove Gatsby was his love for Daisy. Jay Gatsby's idealistic view of Daisy Buchanan creates a conflict for him once he is confronted by the reality. Gatsby has built Daisy up in his mind to be the perfect woman, but she is not the woman Gatsby think she is. The dreams were deferred because they had nothing, or the desire to obtain anything more and felt it necessary, to destroy those who achieved their dreams. Gatsby show the theme of Abuse of power Gatsby's dream is destroyed because of the unworthiness of his love. The careless attitude of the Buchanan's lead to Gatsby's downfall, by placing the fault of their problems directly on Gatsby, with Daisy pinning Myrtle's death on him, and Tom talk to George Wilson and told him that Gatsby killed his wife. Wilson, in an act of revenge, shattered the Gatsby's dream by placing a bullet into his head and ending his life. The...
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