The Great Garbage Patch

Topics: Ocean, Pollution, Recycling Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: May 14, 2013

The Great Garbage Patches
The Ocean seems to be used as a dump for everyone to throw their trash away in. Seems to be like all the pollution in the ocean comes from human waste than anything else. The ocean pollution is now a big problem facing us in everyday life. For years we have been trying to stop the dumping of trash, chemicals, and toxic waste into our oceans but the people who do it, still find ways to get around the rules. They just don’t seem to care about the problems we are going to face in the future with this. The ocean gets polluted in a couple ways; my two main focuses are on the waste chemicals and the plastic debris. For the waste chemicals it seems to be that it gets into the sea by the landfills, dumps, mines, and farms. The farm chemicals and heavy metals from factories can have a very harmful effect on marine life and humans (1). One of the most harmful chemicals is lead and that could really mess up someone’s brain, kidneys, or reproductive system. This gets into your body because it gets into the marine life that we consume so it goes into us. We can stop this by reducing the amount of harmful toxins by calling professional people to get rid of it for you. Where they have a special place to throw it at that will not harm the ocean. The second problem is the plastic debris getting into the ocean thanks to people throwing their trash on the floor, streets, mostly anywhere. Plastics absorb toxic chemicals, which can be dangerous to fish and other sea life that ingest them. These plastics break into tiny particles but never completely disappear, posing an insidious hazard for marine wildlife and humans (2). We can all help preventing this by disposing of our trash in a proper way instead of just dumping out anywhere we like. Taking the times and recycling it or throwing it in an actual trash can. Or just try drinking water out of a glass or other non-plastic containers like those reusable water bottles. We can all do the simplest things...
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