The Great Game of Hockey

Topics: National Hockey League, Stanley Cup, Play Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: December 29, 2012
The Great Game Called Hockey
It is 3-3 going into overtime, it is the Chicago Blackhawks versus the Philadelphia Flyers vying for the most coveted trophy in sports- the Stanley Cup Trophy. The Blackhawks have a 3-2 series lead. If they win this game, they win the trophy. It is “do or die” for the Flyers, force a game seven or go home. Then it happens, a few minutes into overtime, Patrick Kane, a young superstar on the Blackhawks skates down the rink, takes a shot, and he scores! Just like that, the game is over. The Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup! … The Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup! I, together with millions of other fans watching this nationally televised game, witnessed this great phenomenon live. Now you might wonder why millions of other fans and I tuned in to see the game. The answer is because millions of fans and I love and appreciate the game of hockey. In my opinion, it truly is the most exciting game both to play and to watch. While playing hockey and watching hockey are obviously two very different activities, they have at least one thing in common; they are both very fun. Let us take a closer look at each activity individually and see why so many others and I enjoy it so much. I sincerely enjoy the thrill that I receive while playing hockey. I am not alone about this feeling. If you were to ask someone that plays hockey, as to why they play, one reason he or she will almost definitely tell you is something along the lines of that, “they love the thrill that the game has to it”. Now obviously, when I say the word “thrill”, it is not the same type of thrill that one might receive through skydiving, or the likes. Rather, the thrill that comes from playing hockey is of a less risky breed.I love playing sports in general. So maybe it is easier for me to come across as someone that loves hockey. So let me set it straight, the argument that I am presenting is not for someone that does not care about sports, and or who...
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