The Great Escape

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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The Great Escape
My best friend Ciara can easily be described as a dancing fool. Since I’ve known, her she has taken every dance class from Broadway tap to African tribal. Do you know that sometimes there isn’t even a hint of music to be heard for miles and she still manages to create some fancy shuffle out of the rhythm in her head? No matter where we are, she often just spontaneously brakes out in a complicated jig or body contortions that make it impossible to avoid the odd stares and curious glances of those around us. It used to drive me insane. She once told me it is her form of expression and allows her to speak to an audience confidently and that she even uses dance to motivate herself through difficult times in her life. In that instance, I understood because that is exactly what writing does for me. Writing gives me the feeling that God himself is breathing life into my words and I can be fearless. I wasn’t always this ecstatic about writing. Actually, from grades 4th to 7th I detested the writing process. It was all outlines and sentence structure, and it bored me to tears. During our English classes I was assigned one sentence a week. We were to take a simple sentence and add all sorts of flair and pizzazz to it. A sentence like, “she ran”; would become; “Ashley could feel the breath of her potential captors on her burning ears as she escaped to safety”. I loved the use of descriptive verbs and colorful language to engage your reader with your writing, but I didn’t feel it helped in our other writing exercises like, “The evolution of mold” for Earth science class. I was 12 years old when writing took on a whole other form and meaning for me. During my summer vacation my mother bought me a journal and made me promise to write in it at least once a week. She said, “When you are older and have your own family you’ll have something to look back on and remember.” Now I know I’m not Alice Walker or Oscar Wilde but during that summer you...
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