The Great Depression: Black Tuesday and the New Deal

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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The problems started on October 24th 1929 when the stock market started to crash, this day is also known as Black Tuesday. On October 29th The Stock Market went down another 12%, this was the final blow that led to the Great Depression. People lost there jobs which led to them not being able to pay there bills they then lost there house, and had to sell what they had, such as their cars, TVs and so on so that they could afford food. The president during the beginning of the Great Depression was Hoover, he didn’t think that relief groups should be started and that the people should fend for them selves/ fix it themselves. Banks funds where drained Because loans that where lent out could not be paid back.

When Roosevelt became president he wanted to help the people, so he started the New Deal. In the New Deal relief programs where started to help recover from the Great Depression and get people back on their feet. The WPA was a relief program that helped people get jobs and raised people’s spirits. The WPA also built roads, subways, air-ports, and zoo’s. The relief programs in the New Deal taught people many skills such as sewing, contruction, cleaning, and medical care. The New Deal helped African-American farmers and their families. Roosevelt’s New Deal was successful because it got many people jobs, raised the economy, and made the community a better place.

During WWII women contributed by doing clerical work, they also tested and delivered aircrafts, women repaired equipment and worked as electricians. Women where not allowed to participate in combat. Often times African-American women working across seas would be treated poorly and the African-American nurses would have to care for the wounded Japanese soldiers that were prisoners. Japanese Americans were sent to Prison camps in the west and given identification cards, later the government got the power to just completely remove them from the country.
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