The Great Depression

Topics: Great Depression, New Deal, Social Security Pages: 3 (908 words) Published: April 27, 2013
During the Great Depression the federal government implemented countless programs in attempt to stabilize America's economy and its people. These programs had both positive and negative results and although there were some confusions and contradictions as first, the New Deal did accelerate the U.S. economy by providing jobs for the unemployed and stimulating the economy through government deficit spending. With the use of this New Deal, Roosevelt has left a lasting legacy in the role of the federal government by creating lasting programs, satisfying many of the needs of the citizens, and increasing the federal government’s power. Many government programs created from the New Deal are still intact today. The New Deal was a plan to bring economic relief, recovery, and reform to the nation. One such program created was Social Security, which was and still is among the most important parts of the New Deal. This Poster for Social Security, from the library of congress, 1935 (Document C) shows just how important this program was to the government and the people. From this image one can how the federal government assumed some responsibility for the economic well being of the people. It addressed elderly citizens’ lack of care, and provided money for those over 65. It encouraged people to apply for a social security number. Lastly details the eligibility for social security. Other programs still intact today include the (TVA) jobs in the Tennessee Valley, the (SEC) which was a committee that regulates the stock market, and the (FDIC) which was bank insurance.

The Roosevelt Administration also attempted to address the needs of citizens, both socially and economically. With great efforts from FDR’s wife, Eleanor, women and Blacks gained some recognition and had improved rights. Some of the New Deal programs included Blacks. According to document I, “The Roosevelt Record,” editorial in “The Crisis”, November 1940 you see efforts that were made through the New Deal....
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