The Great Debaters

Topics: Communication, Camera, Nonverbal communication Pages: 3 (1288 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Featured film 127 Hours and the Communication Within it

Interpersonal communication

November 20, 2012

Featured film 127 Hours and the Communication Within it

127 Hours is a movie about a true story of a man’s struggle to stay alive. This movie depicts that of mostly interpersonal communication, with some oral communication and a small amount of nonverbal communication. The Wall Street Journal says, “The story is one of survival through almost unthinkable self-mutilation, but the subject is self-discovery. By the time Aron raises himself up from the bowels of the earth into the blazing sun, he knows who he is, and we do too”(Morgenstern, 2010). The movie starts out with a younger man getting ready to go canyoneering in the canyons in Utah. As he packs, he seems to be in a hurry to leave when he leaves his better pocketknife behind due to the fact he has misplaced it. Aron Ralston is a guy who loves the outdoors and the experiences that come with it. He enjoys exploring by himself and being with his own thoughts, to get the full experience. He carries a video camera to reflect on all his experiences as he aspires to be a guide in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park. He talks to the camera as if he is talking to someone. When he videos his experiences it is as he is using it for a blog or for someone, or to show his experiences to his friends and family. As Aron is on his trek through blue john canyon he enters down a narrow crack with boulders suspended within the crack. Enjoying his hike he is cruising through the canyon without a care in the world, thinking he knows his stuff. Aron should have been taking more precautions, knowing that he was completely alone and no one knew where he was. As Wall Street Journal mentions “And the feeling of confinement can be extreme. Against all physical logic, we're wedged right in there with Aron, watching his struggles from a fairly hard place of our own. Yet that confinement co-exists with surreal...
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