The Grasshopper

Topics: Cheerleading, High school, Cheering Pages: 2 (388 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Tezzie Lavior
Cheerleading Essay

I Tezzie Lavior will like to become an Aurora Central High School cheerleader because I think I will be one of the great ones for the squad. Cheerleading has been one of my greatest dreams that I hope that I will succeed and accomplish ever since I was a little girl. I love cheerleading so much that I watch cheerleading movies all the time. I also will like to become an A.C.H.S cheerleader because I think Aurora Central High School has a great cheerleading squad. I think cheerleading has great opportunities because it teaches you how to work has a team, become a great athlete, and also it teaches how to not only care about yourself but care about others also. I also will like to become an A.C.H.S cheerleader because I will like to show school spirit and route for my school football team and basket-ball teams.

My goals for becoming a Cheerleader are to keep up my grades and maintain a 2.5 and above G.P.A so I can keep being a cheerleader. Also my goals to becoming a cheerleader are to learn how to work as at team and how to be the best cheerleader that I can possible be and strive to the very best.

I will value my teammates and support my team any way I can. I will value my cheer, dance, and stunts and jumps, and angles and practice them till I get them right. I will especially value my coaches and captains and to listen to them at all times and to not give any attitude or back talk or I will suffer the consequences.

I will also contribute to being a cheerleader by participating in fundraisers for the squad. I will contribute by bringing ideas that I have to the coaches about raising money to help the squad. I will also contribute by helping my fellow teammates in anything there having trouble on like the cheer and dance and try to help them so they can become better.

That’s why I will like to become and A.C.H.S cheerleader. An become the very best that I can possibly be. I will contribute to a lot of...
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