The Grapes of Wrath Essay

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  • Published : February 2, 2011
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Abraham Oyesile
Jan. 14 2011
Slavery, a horrific period in our pastime, is one of the best examples in history of oppression and dehumanization to one group of human beings. Slaves were treated very poorly as they endured malnutrition, were whipped, sold away from families, treated like animals and property rather than humans. Their owners tried every way to break their spirits and push them down to the point where they had no spirit left to defy their masters or secede from their authority. But the slaves did not succumb to their oppressors, the slaves did the opposite and gave their masters wrath and together they rose up past the hardships, together they rose up from there bondage and captivity, together they rose up from there drudgery and rebelled. As the owners rules on slave life got harsher to scare them from escaping, the slaves got more courage to escape. And escape they did as many slaves flooded north into freedom, but instead of enjoying and prospering in this new found freedom they united together and created the Underground Railroad to help their brethren risking their new lifestyle for their people. This is the same with the Okies and migrant people as John Steinbeck uses them and the land owners in The Grapes of Wrath to show oppression and hard times drive the oppressed to not breakdown, but to unite.

In the story of the persistent Joad family as they are traveling westward toward their Eden, they endure many obstacles and problems in their way. The hardships they endure are just some of the problems other Okies faced during the desolate Dust Bowl. Dry lands, manipulations, violence, malnutrition, are problems they encountered, most of these causes of the huge landowners who, with the banks, controlled the majority of power in this era. Steinbeck captures the cruelty of these landowners as he uses very depict realism to describe with precise details their hardships at the camp they travel to and fro. As they travel camp to camp you...
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