The Grapes of Wrath Economics Book Report

Topics: The Grapes of Wrath, John Steinbeck, Great Depression Pages: 3 (1182 words) Published: June 24, 2011
The Grapes of Wrath
By: John Steinbeck
John Steinback wrote The Grapes of Wrath; a fictional novel based on real happenings. The novel took place after the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression. The journey of the Joad family began on their land in Oklahoma, and then they migrated to California on Route 66. In California, they moved from place to place; they were not stable in one area. The book tells the story of the Joad family’s hardships during their migration to California and the trouble they faced in the prosperous state. The Joad family was consisted of Grampa Joad, Granma Joad, Uncle John Joad, Pa Joad, Ma Joad, Noah Joad, Tom Joad, Rose of Sharon, Al Joad, Ruthie Joad, Winfield Joad, Connie, and a friend, Jim Casy. The story’s protagonist, Tom Joad, was favored by Ma and Pa Joad. Although, he had killed a man, he was good natured and will criticize anyone who complained. He was respected in the family and turned into a provider for the family’s survival. Pa Joad was a tenant farmer, who had been forced off his land. Therefore, he took his family to California to earn a living to provide for his family. However, because of the mass amount of people in California wanting jobs, he was unable to find work. This lead him to Ma Joad for strength and decisions. Ma Joad was the mother of the family – the stronghold. She served for her family’s well-being and will not let the family separate. Al Joad was a sixteen year old, who had nothing but cars and girls on his mind. He was extremely cocky, but he took really good car of the family’s truck. Throughout the book he matured mentally. Rose of Sharon was the wife of Connie. An unreasonable, irritable, selfish young woman was pregnant with her first child, who later gave birth to as a stillborn. She made plans with Connie about living in the city; however, the harsh surroundings of California lead her to do away with her unrealistic dream. Also, because of the harsh surroundings Connie drifted away from the...
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