The Government Under the Articles of Confederation Has Been Considered a Failure.

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Taminder Anand02-17-11
U.S History I Honors
The Continental Congress wrote the Articles of Confederation during the Revolutionary War. The articles were written to give the colonies an idea of a unified government. The Articles of Confederation was the first constitution of the United States and specified how the Federal government was to operate. The government under the Articles of Confederation has been considered a failure. It is evident that the Articles of Confederation had a negative impact on the colonies. Many problems began to arise due to some of the laws in the Confederation. One of the major weaknesses was how it limited the national government's power and Congress' control over the citizens in the states. Next, the trade agreements Congress made with other nations were not always carried out. Last but not least, the people felt that the state governments failed when it came to protecting their rights.

If examined correctly, one could tell that according to the Articles of Confederation, the national government had no power over the state governments. Simultaneously, Congress didn't have the ability to make and regulate laws regarding the behavior of the citizens. Congress didn't even have the right to tax people. Reflecting, Congress was not able to pay off their debt from the Revolutionary War. In addition, if a state legislature broke a law or regulation, or even disobeyed the requests made by the national government, the government or Congress could not do anything. They had no power over the state legislatures and the citizens, which led to many serious issues and problems in the U.S government.

Many people soon started importing goods from other countries that they refused to pay for. They did this because trade agreements were not always carried out. Consequently, people in other nations soon became reluctant to trade with the U.S. Believe it or not, even Great Britain closed its commerce to it. All of these events resulted in...
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