The Government Should Limit Immigration for a Better Future of a Country

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Limiting Immigration Is Limiting Opportunities.

Everyone immigrates as they have their own reasons. Some people immigrate as they want to work somewhere. Some people immigrate as they love the culture of another countries. Some people immigrate because of their own personal reasons. However, this morning, what I want to point out is, nowadays, immigration is still a hot topic whether it should be limited and the immigration debate is still going on.

Main Points:
1. Job Opportunities
Population growth means that there will be a huge demand in a certain country. This will definitely increase the rate of unemployment of certain country. In 1993, the same year 256,703 people arrived from all over the world, Canada’s unemployment rate shot to 11.4%, the highest level in decades. We take Canada as an example. In 1993, there are 256,703 people from all over the world landed Canada. The rate of unemployment increases dramatically which is 11.4%. It was the highest level in decades which made Canada decided to limit the immigration the following year.

2. Less investors will invest in country
A great growth in population will definitely cause pollution problem such as air pollution, sound pollution and so on. In fact, overcrowding of the country will rise the rate of crimes. Thus, a country will face security problem and the national security will be in a high demand. The government needs to spend additional cost to solve the security problem. Besides, a big population will lead to the lack of resources. When there are lots of problem happened in a certain country, I am sure this will decrease the confidence and the interest of the rich investors to invest in the country.

3. Changes the cultures of a country
A country’s culture will be affected by the country’s immigration. Different countries have different cultures! For instance, in Eastern countries especially in Asia, most of the people cannot accept...
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