The Goodlife

Topics: Liberal arts, History of education, Grammar Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: April 10, 2013
The Good Life
I have only been in existence on this earth for a mere 18 years, so the concept of ‘the good life’ seems a bit bewildering and unclear at this stage because I have not experienced life enough yet. My perception of the ‘good life’ will be completely different from that of an elder person, this stemming from the fact that they have more wisdom and knowledge through their experiences in life to know what the ‘good life’ truly is. At this stage, for me the good life consists of the following attributes: an excellent career with a high paying salary, a fully functional family, good health, good relationships and most of all a good relationship with God Almighty. The only way to achieve all of the goals I have listed is by possessing a first-rate education, but the only way to achieve the goal of obtaining an education is by having a complete and whole understanding of the liberal arts.

I feel like I should begin by explaining what exactly I mean by having a meaningful education. To my knowledgeable understanding education is the ability to apply basic skills and academics to everyday life following a sometype of enlightenment from an outside source rather than one’s self. According to our formal system of education only the academic phase of this is important, basically emphasizing attaining knowledge without understanding its value and being able to apply it in real life. For me, having the ability to process knowledge will help anybody understand the true value of obtaining it. By processing knowledge a person must be able to use his or her aspirations, life ambitions, creativity and risk and motivation above all else. Following the logical and calm Apollonian lifestyle should inarguably be the most effective way to attain a proper education. This embodies all of the aspects of the liberal arts from literature to science.

The liberal arts have almost everything to do with education in relation to having a good education and constituting to the...
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