The Good Girl

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  • Published : March 6, 2012
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Jessenia Aguilar
English 1A

Critical Analysis of Sharon Slaton's "The Good Girl"

The essay "The Good Girl" by Sharon Slayton disscuses how you can become obsessed to pleasing the society around you and forget about your desires. Slayton uses her own personal obsession of being "good" to please her parents believing that thats what she wanted. Slayton believes that her obsession of being good and pleasing others have helped her become a person that knows how to accomplish goals that she sets for herself. Slayton had a meantality of showing her parents she "could do anything and do it well." Although she may believe that her obsession to pleasing society has had a positive out turn on her future. I believe that Slayton obsession has.only lead her to a dooming future because although she knows how to succeed and accomplish her goals she has learned that she no longer needs to be obsessed with pleasing society.

Slayton provides various examples of how society can highly influence us to become obsessed with being a person we are not. She talks about how her family had perception of her being "good " and she felt like she had to uphold this image of being a "good girl" after being called bad. The way slayton describes this makes it seem that she didn't want to be this person she just wanted to please her parents. Slaytons obsession with being good had a negative effect in her personal and social life with those around her. Even though slayton had already made her parents proud she blinded he self into believing that she was still no good enough for them. This being said slayton should blame her self for being so obsessive and stop blaming her obsession on her parents.

I believe that it is very easy to blame your actions on someone else othe than your self. I have personal experience with this my self. I have always had trouble reading since I was at a young age and i have always said to my self that i am not good at reading because my parents...
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