The Good Effect on College Education

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  • Published : December 5, 2008
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There’s a saying that goes “Everybody should go to college” but then again there is another saying that “College is not for everybody”. The choice is solely dependent on the person to make this choice. Going to college is beneficial to any and everyone. Earning a higher education beyond high school instills constancy of having a goal and completing that goal. In this case going to college and earning your degree. Though in the beginning, it may be hard for some students, but in the end it really pays off. For example, when the time comes to apply for a job, the simple fact that a person earned a degree makes the person more qualified for that particular job. Also furthering your education beyond high school makes a person more, not to say that the person is not already intelligent, but makes the person more knowledgeable onto what they already have knowledge about. Lastly, considering the fact that because you have a college degree you are more respected upon your peers, which is great for networking.

In the upcoming years, it is said that the employment rate will maybe be low, if there are not any qualified employees. It is true that when a applying for a job, the employer asks for your academic background. Nine times out of ten, a person can guarantee that everyone that applied for the job had gone to high school, but what about college? It would be that single individual that put down they attended college and earned a degree that will make them even more qualified for the job. The employment business in the upcoming years will have high expectations because people all over the world are competing for that same job, but if you have the upper hand in a higher education-a person definitely has a chance of getting that job.

Like stated before “College is not for everyone”, but in my opinion it really is. College is not like high school, where a person may see their friends daily and sit back to talk about the good old...
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