The Good Earth

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  • Published : August 19, 2011
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Are you sympathetic or unsympathetic towards a character’s dilemma or difficult decision? Why? I am extremely sympathetic towards the dilemma that was going on with the Chinese people in the famine. I feel bad for them because they didn’t have any money or food. They were so hungry that they ate each other at times, even their children. It was such a struggle for them every day of their lives during the famine. People didn’t have food and were rapidly becoming sick; children were being born with physical problems and weren’t being born healthy. Imagine if you saw your mom or dad eating your brother or killing your sister because there’s not enough food to support more people. How would that make you feel? Imagine having no food and having to hunt for your food. What if you were forced to work as a slave and were treated very bad. If I were to be living in such a crisis I wouldn’t survive more than a month; especially since I have never been through anything as bad as a famine. We are so used to being under a roof and having everything we need, which is why it would be hard for us to survive. I never really thought about what it would be like if this were to occur one of these days. Thanks to this book, now I think about these kinds of things. How will I survive or react if I were to be living in a famine?

Alejandro Escamilla
English II Pre-AP
Writing Summer Assignment
If you could change the outcome of the story, what change would you make? Why?
If I could change the outcome of The Good Earth I would make it so that Wang Lung doesn’t die as fast and rather buries his sons and he dies at the end. I would like to do this also because I’d like for the land to stay how Wang Lung wanted it. I didn’t like the part that the kids decided to sell the land; which is why I would rather have Wang Lung live longer and bury his own sons and daughters.

Here is the part that I would like to change. [Wang Lung heard his second son say in his mincing voice, “This...
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