The Good & Bad Sides of Life!

Topics: Suffering, Emotion, The O.C. Pages: 2 (765 words) Published: October 7, 2010
There are two sides of everything in life, the positive and the negative. Each individual’s personal experience effects them positively, negatively or both. Growing up into the work can be challenging for all individuals, personal experiences affect us either in a positive or negative way, for example feelings of excitement, or depression. The book “The story of Tom Breannan” consists of problems young Australians face. Daniel Breannan suffers depression, after a car accident, which Daniel got behind the wheel after having too much to drink. He killed two people, like and Nicole, while the other Fin became quadriplegic. The town had a negative reaction on Daniel’s actions, the Brennan family was forced to move out from their home town Mumbilli to their Gran’s place in Coghill. After the accident “ the town of Mumbilli was bleeding”. Daniel was sent to gaol for three years, this tragedy did not only affect Daniel but his family, friends and the Mumbilli community. The characters were struggling to cope, Fin was angry and bitter, Gran used religion, and Tess spent her days in bed hiding from the problem, she would question her role as a mother for example “where did i go wrong with Daniel?” Daniel was depressed, and hated himself for what he done, and blamed everything on himself. Tom feels guilty and feel left in the darkness. Tom is having trouble finding himself again, after that night. He started at a new school in a new town with new friends, he feels lonely and confused until he meets a girl named Chrissy, who becomes his lover. This relationship for Tom was a positive affect in society for him; he made Tom into a happier and better person. Tom climbed a hill every morning with Brendan, at the start he struggled, but as days went by, he was able to go further. This hill is a symbol of Tom’s emotional pain and suffering and how you achieved a positive perspective in the end. Burke shows the positive and negative aspects with first person narration which...
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