The Golden Rule Instead of the 10 Commandments

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  • Published : December 10, 2012
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The Golden Rule instead of the 10 Commandments
"Golden Rule vs. 10 Commandments"

Every people have their own beliefs, rules to follow. Examples of those rules are the 10 commandments which created by God and the golden rule who’s came from Confucius. For many people, the terms "morality" and "religion" are vaguely related yet distinctly different ideas. Morality, we like to say, pertains to an individual's conduct and his or her relationships with other people. Morality involves relationships between human beings. Morality is concerned with conduct in the here and now. Religion involves the relationship between human beings and God, or transcendent reality. Religion is concerned with how conduct in the here and now will influence one's standing in the here after. Whereas a "religious" person believes in an afterlife, a "moral" person need not believe there is anything after death except bodily decay. And as a Christian I do believe in God’s words, God’s existing, but as a person who has morality I’ll choose the golden rule.

If you would analyze they’re almost the same but at some point they’re different. The 10 commandments is more on specific rule about your faith in God and things to follow to become a good people and the golden rule is also just like the 10 commandments it’s just a generalization of it because if you follow the golden rule, it’s the same that you follow the ten commandments because this focused more on humanistic approach towards others to be a good individual.
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