The Golden Compass

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Renegade tomboy? Or caring leader?

The book I’m Reading called The Golden Compass is about this girl in an alternate universe where every person has this special creature, somehow connected to the person spiritually, this creature is called a daemon and it takes form of an animal. As a child your daemon can change into the animal of its Choice (real or imaginary for example a cat or a dragon) until you hit adolescence at that point your daemon will turn into an animal reflecting you personality (for example if you are obedient you will have a dog or if you are wise you will have an owl). So far I have read about this girl named Lyra and her daemon Pantalaimon, I have read about their journey to get to the north and find out more about the Aurora and a hidden city within it, with her Uncle Ariel the Explorer.

Lyra is a stubborn 11-year-old tomboy (as in she doesn’t like to play girly things and that she doesn’t care much for her her appearance) who wont give up or ever back down. She speaks her mind and says what other people wouldn’t dare to say. She never really liked to fit in but she did like to stand out. In her normal everyday life before the time period of the book she adventured Jordan College in England (where she lived) with best friend Roger. The following quote shows that Lyra could never really get a proper education “(ch6) Lyra's knowledge had great gaps in it, like a map of the world largely eaten by mice....”

I can relate to Lyra because she never likes to be oppressed and she loves to be her own person. She is also very adventurous and i love to explore the environment. Other people in the story, like the children, like her because she is like a leader to people without one, or the kids (or the professors at the college) hate her because she never likes to come off as weak or fragile. “This rivalry was hundreds of years old, and very deep and satisfying.”(ch.10) The children from Jordan College had “gang wars“...
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