The Gold Rush

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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In 1848, the Gold Rush was a major factor of the United States expansion. There was this massive open land with the promise of gold and no government or laws to tell people they could not have it. Numerous people from the East coast traveled to California to be a part of the gold. This brought more than men to mine the land. Businessmen and merchants also came to California. With all these people looking for gold they needed every day basics like entertainment, places to eat and where to leave their gold once found. Boarding houses, bars and saloons and banks were built overnight to supply the demand of these booming towns (Soomo Publishing, 2012). The city of San Francisco was never the same after the gold rush. It went from a small town to a large city with thousands and thousands of people.

The California gold brought people there to mine. The fertile lands of the Midwest brought farmers there. In 1889, the Oklahoma land rush brought many people to try and farm the land in the Midwest. It was a great opportunity because of the open plains. Thousands of people with their wagons and belongings, or just themselves camped out for days at the thought of owning their own land. According to the president, they had to wait until 12 noon before they were able to claim land. The land was claimed within one day. Americans now owned land between the Mississippi River and the Pacific coast. Therefore, agriculture was able to flourish in the new land. By doing this the United States made their dream a reality of expanding westward. The United States was expanding there were not just places to live on the East coast anymore. Likewise, near the Yellow River Valley agriculturalists came. The civilization of the Yellow River Valley focused on the daily growth of agriculture. Farmer’s grew wheat and millet along the Yellow River in northeastern China. The Yellow River societies’ river was significant to their development and upkeep. The societies created...
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