The Gods Must Be Crazy

Topics: The Gods Must Be Crazy, Bushmen, Jamie Uys Pages: 2 (438 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Jessica Garcia
Mr. Geiger
15 January 2013
The Gods Must Be Crazy
The vast majority of the world has adapted to the modern civilization and has also progressed with the advanced technology and science like in the top market economy countries like America for example, however, there are still small societies that exist and practice traditional economy. In the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy a small tribe named the Kalahari Bushmen and resides in the Safari demonstrate how they feel like all their needs have been met therefore making them a happy family by practicing traditional economy. One day Xi, a formal tribe member of the Bushmen finds a coke bottle that is so unfamiliar to their family that they eventually find themselves fighting over the odd object, which made them very unhappy.

The Bushmen tribe live in very poor conditions but in reality people who practice traditional economy tend to live in what seems like poverty although their basic needs have been met. For example, they use dew drops from leaves or pull roots from the ground to squeeze any water they can find. When they find a modern day coke bottle the tribe breaks their tradition of peace and argue over the item. Once they realize how out of place they are, they feel almost shameful for desiring such an unimportant object. The same concept does not apply to the modern market economy because we desire any new item that can come on the market just to satisfy our needs; such a behavior conditions us to not want to adapt to a single environment. Because of this coke bottle Xi went on a journey to get rid of the coke bottle he found himself questioning his religion and realized how desire over power or an object corrupts the human which always make them unhappy.

Ultimately, it’s evident that when Xi returns to his village he will teach his tribe of all these incredible new things he learned and has witnessed and will encourage them to progress forward and change the way they live little by...
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