The Gods

Topics: Deception, Want, Theology Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: October 9, 2012
Myth – Sacred Places, Things | Write at least a 2 paragraph (a paragraph is a minimum of 3 sentences) analysis of what you feel one of the main messages the myth is trying to convey, with examples. (Do not just summarize the myth) | Its Function and why (at least a 1 sentence explanation for each that apply). | What does this myth tell us about this culture or society? (at least a 1 sentence answer for each myth) | The Ten Thousand Treasure Mountain from Myth and Knowing chapter 6 | This means everything to have honor and connected to your people and your gods. If the people or the king feels you do not possess these qualities you will be removed for your throne. Like the family that served for over 800 years and the other that served for 15. These people show respect to all and try to be one with all. They are a righteous people that cherish there family and gifts the gods give them. Believing in that if you are righteous and honorable you can have it all. | 1. Social: It showed belief in hard work and that you will only get out as much as you are willing to give. 2. Theological; They treasure there connection with their gods. 3. Moral: There is a higher power and you will prosper if you stay connected with them. 4. Cosmic | If you have honor and are righteous you will prosper and if not you will fall. | The Water of Eternal Life from Myth & Knowing chapter 6 | | 1. Social 2. Theological 3. Moral 4. Cosmic | | “The Theft of Thor’s Hammer” in the “Northern Europe” chapter of World Mythology. | If you live in deceit that is all you will get in return. Being deceitful and stealing to get you further will never pay off in the end you will pay the price. Giants did in the end. In life you might have to look like a fool or go to extremes to get what you want or care about. In the end, with hard work, good friends and focus you can accomplish anything. An example is like when Thor got his harmer back....
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